All booking is done via EMAIL. Please do not call the venue for booking. Booking agents and promoters do not work on site and the bartenders, sound guy, or door guys do not book shows and will not be able to help you. Please understand if you do not receive a reply from us as it is sometimes difficult to answer all inquiries due to volume. If we do not reply, please take that as a respectful no and try again in the future. We do our best to answer every email with at least a “not available” reply. We understand you spend a lot of time writing venues and promoters trying to fill dates on tour and we do our best to let you know if you need to look elsewhere and what other options you have in town. If you are an out-of-town band with no history in Hattiesburg we recommend, insist almost, that you reach out to one of the local bands before contacting us. Before writing us, please contact a local and have them help you build the show. Otherwise there is a good chance you will show up and play to no one despite our best efforts.There are other venues in town that will do smaller weekday shows. If it doesn’t work out with us, best of luck in finding a venue close by and please do not hesitate to write us in the future. Thanks again! NO COVER BANDS.

links and EPK’s can be sent to, AGAIN please don’t call.

Private Parties: